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This page is the archive of all reviews written up until May 2016, which were lovingly crafted by hand in HTML. Bringing them in to WordPress will be time-consuming and tedious, but I do not want to lose them, so have ported over the HTML versions to start with. The internal links should more or less work, but I’m not prepared to guarantee anything. I’m slowly copying them over into the “modern” format: don’t hold your breath. What’s below are the ones remaining to be done. Since it’s an archive, these pages will not otherwise be updated, but I may point over to specific reviews from the main site, when appropriate.

The origin of the ‘Film Blitz’ concept was REALLY short reviews – literally two or three lines initially – but I’m going to prune out those which were less than about 100 words, as they really had nothing to say. Anything written pre-2004 will have a Dec 31, 2003 date as a place-holder, even if they may date from as far back as 1989.


+ – extracted from general articles, and might make more sense if read there!
[ ] – The grade/score for the film (where one was assigned).
italics – Reviews which may be in the TC archives. Or maybe not.

A note on ratings. These days, the vast bulk of movies will get a grade between B and D – anything above or below that is soundly recommended or unquestionably to be avoided, respectively. Earlier reviews may not be quite on the same scale: a B+ from a decade ago is not as impressive as one awarded now. I’ve been dating my reviews for a number of years now, so you should be able to get some idea of when they were written, and take that into account.

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