Small Soldiers

Dir: Joe Dante
Star: Gregory Smith, Kirsten Dunst, Jay Mohr, Phil Hartman

Rather similar to Dante's earlier Gremlins films (which are explicitly referenced a couple of times), this still works well enough on its own terms. The super-intelligent toys intent on their own war are given characters courtesy of some famous names (The Dirty Dozen + Tommy Lee Jones on one side, versus Spinal Tap on the other), yet the special FX never overpower. "This would make one hell of a commercial", mutters toy company executive Dennis Leary, and you can't help feeling this may have been a merchandise-first concept. However, there is enough imagination, invention and humour (much of which will sail well over the heads of any children in the audience) to keep everything buoyant and frothy, with the Barbie Dolls From Hell an especial highlight.


Army of one
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