Witchcraft XI:
Sisters in Blood

Dir: Ron Ford
Starring: Miranda Odell, James Servais, Don Donason, Kathleen St. Lawrence

Right from the start, the aim is clear: before dialogue or plot commence, there's a sex scene. It's comforting to realise that a failure to see the previous ten entries in the series will in no way impact your enjoyment. Of course, "enjoy" is relative, but I doubt anyone expects great acting or innovative plotting here. Actually, the story isn't so bad; I can almost envisage it as the basis for something from Lucio Fulci. To prepare for Macbeth, the actresses playing the witches stage a ritual in a graveyard, at the instigation of one who's an actual Satanist. Unfortunately, it works, and they get possessed by spirits intent on opening a gateway to hell - as well as taking their tops off at every opportunity. Enter good warlock Spanner (Servais), who has to stop them.

This is all complete nonsense, naturally, and the finale is far too ambitious for the resources to hand. We also feel no-one should be allowed near topless starlets with a moustache like Donason's - they they don't flinch in disgust when he rubs his hairy caterpillar on them is amazing. But hey, this almost completely lacks pretension; beside an excellent eye-stabbing, I laughed like a drain when the witches raped a Catholic priest (including the immortal exchange: "Is there a fire?" "Only in your pants..."), and at how homicide detective Vanessa Lutz (Stephanie Beaton) gradually wears less and less clothes. Given sufficient beer, you may, too.


A rare shot of the Witchcraft 
XI actresses with clothes on
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