Virtual Combat

Dir: Andrew Stevens
Star: Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Michael Bernardo, Dawn Ann Billings, Carrie Mitchum

) In some ways, this movie is too good, even though it isn't that good. The problem is that there are enough self-knowing little touches seeping out the side (sound FX swiped from Doom, clips of Michelle Bauer from Hollywood Scream Queens Hot Tub Party) to suggest the people involved knew what they were doing. And the central concept is fine: in a pseudo-futuristic setting, someone has brought three computer game characters to life. The good news is, two are from cybersex programmes. The bad news is, the third's a boss from a martial arts game, and is miffed -- probably has something to do with being given Michael Dorn's voice... The problem is that heroic cop Wilson notably less charisma and personality than your average computer sprite, and is deeply uninteresting, even when kicking ass in the (numerous, not exactly awe-inspiring) fights. In the end, this sinks the film, and you're left with annoying memories of a host of wasted opportunities.


Virtually forgettable
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