Villa Captive

Dir: Emmanuel Silvestre
Star: Emilie Delaunay, Dario Lado, Shalim Ortiz, David Perez-Ribada

Teenage boy Jeremy (Lado) can hardly believe it when a cute French girl (Delauney) moves in for the summer to the house next-door, while his parents are away - and he has the job of cleaning the pool. Even more more remarkably, his friend identifies her as porn starlet, "Lucy Lust". What could possibly go wrong? Well, word of Ms. Lust's presence leaks out, and the local weirdo/creep crew decide to rob the house. Worse is to follow, as Jeremy and Lucy interrupt the robbery in progress, and are taken hostage by the gang. Will there be rape? Might there be escape attempts? Could there be unexpected visitors showing up? Is it all going to end in an orgy of gratuitous violence, as the victims turn the tables on their attackers? Well, while I'm not going to spoiler it, if you've enough of this genre - and "more than one" is probably sufficient - you'll probably be able to work out the answers to these questions, which I'm certain will otherwise be keeping you up at nights.

I guess the main hook is that Delauney, the actress playing a porn star, is actually a porn star herself, having appeared as "Liza Del Sierra" in such classics as - and, I swear, I'm not making these up, they're listed in the IMDb - Cum Fart Cocktails 9 and Up That White Ass 3. Her role here is thus probably not much of a... um, "stretch"? Though, to be honest, she's certainly not the worst actor on view here: that dubious honour has to go to the guy who is pretending to be mentally disabled. Hard to be sure which is worse there, the concept or the execution? If the final 10 minutes eventually get the needle moving in the right direction, you first have to sit through an awful lot of tedious and uninteresting dreck to get there. If they'd let Delaunay let rip on her own - perhaps giving her some kind of abusive background in which she had learned to fight back - this could have had some potential. Instead, it's a second-rate imitator, of a genre not exactly stellar in quality to begin with.

[December 2015]

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