Acque di primavera

[a.k.a. Torrents of Spring]
Dir: Jerzy Skolimowski
Star: Timothy Hutton, Valeria Golino, Nastassja Kinski,

Nastassja's latest, previously seen as Les Eaux Printenaires, now in English, albeit very briefly (it lasted two weeks in the cinema here!). Plot is as described before: Hutton falls in love with Golino and they get engaged. He then decides he'd rather have Nastassja. A wise move, until his fiancee finds out. Definitely a classy pic, probably her 'best' since Paris, Texas and she's looking lovely - there's one scene at a gypsy wedding which is the stuff of dreams, where she doesn't look like a mother in her thirties! As a result, bonuses as applicable depending on how much you value the Kinski content!


Spring in your step
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