Sugar Hill

Dir: Paul Maslansky
Star: Maki Bey, Robert Quarry, Don Pedro Colley, Betty Anne Rees

[9] You can tell you're in trouble from the song on the opening credits of this stinker: a groovy number called 'Supernatural Voodoo' (available on Motown records, we're told). Made during the blaxploitation period, the 'plot' concerns Sugar (Bey), the death of her boyfriend and her subsequent revenge. It turns out Quarry wants to get his greedy hands on the bar owned by the boyfriend - first they try buying him out but he refuses. Several minutes later they appear outside and in a totally hilarious fight scene, kill him - don't ask why they're wearing ladies stockings on their heads or appear to be dancing on the victim. Sugar Hill pops down to the local swamp and calls on Baron Zombie, a dude who thinks evil is breaking out into a nasty laugh every couple of minutes. He raises his zombie friends, who turn out to be a couple of black actors with silvery eyes, covered in cobwebs, and together with Sugar, they set about knocking off the dudes that killed her boyfriend. The movie is laced with well thought-out dialogue: "Honky, you killed my man - now you're going to die, sucker" and Quarry's insistence on calling Sugar a "black bitch". This one has to be seen to be believed. (MM)

3/10, but for a good laugh, 6/10

One lump or two?
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