SS Experiment Camp

Dir: Sergio Garrone
Star: Mircha Carven, Paola Corazzi, Giorgio Cerioni

[3] Another 'banned' film & surprise, surprise, it is quite one of the worst, most tedious 'horror' films ever. It's sole raison d'etre it to show remarkably well-fed 'Jewish' women in the nude (at least the actress in Love Camp 7 looked Jewish). Very little 'so bad it's funny' potential either. Reread the first sentence so it sinks in. More enjoyable than falling under a train. Just.

[Curiously, the BBFC ended up passing the movie uncut in 2004, saying "Despite the questionable taste of basing an exploitation film in a concentration camp, the sexual activity itself was consensual and the level of potentially eroticised violence sufficiently limited." The Daily Mail, needless to say, was not impressed.]


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