Sudden Death

Dir: Sig Shore
Star: Denise Coward, Frank Runyeon, Jaime Tirelli, Robert Trumbull

Coward, third in the 1978 Miss World contest, stars in this rape-revenge film which sets at least one new record, in that I fell asleep on five separate occasions during it. And while, sometimes, I can doze off during perfectly decent films, in this case it's an accurate reflection, since it fails miserably in just about every way. Wells can't act, Shore can't direct, and the script never gets out of first gear, relying on a tedious procession of scenes where the heroine puts herself in dangerous situations in order to blow away those who assault her. There's no sense of character development or progression - it just goes to show what a fabulous movie Angel of Vengeance is, with its escalation of murder from rapist scum to innocent bystanders, gradually turning our sympathies on their heads. Here, there's no moral dilemma until seventy minutes in, by which time the tedium, poor acting and huge number of pointless scenes have sent you to sleep. Five times. The only moderately interesting point is the presence of New Order's Confusion and other music by noted New York producer Arthur Baker on the soundtrack. I presume some kind of blackmail was involved.


The whole World should Miss this one
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