Scary Movie (2000)

Rating: N/A

Dir: Keenan Ivory Wayans
Star: Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Jon Abrahams, Marlon Wayans

This starts out pretty funny: nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Carmen Electra have one of her silicone implants removed by a psycho slasher. And as it rolled on, there were some funny moments, especially when you recognize scenes from the different films being parodied, with the dialogue staying true. Probably the best part of this movie is trying to figure out exactly which horror film is being spoofed, besides the obvious ones; I was into double figures. Some of the humour is a downright scream, if you’ll excuse the pun — literally, during the scene with the girls’ gym teacher, Ms. Mann, which is just too horrific to mention on this ‘family’ site.

Also, the Blair Witch Project will never look the same again. However, while some jokes were seriously gross-out and some incredibly side-splitting, they weren’t enough to keep this film going, and the sight gags eventually became burdensome to the overall effect. It was just overdone, with way too many penises. I think the Wayans brothers were hoping to bring this up to the Zucker brothers’ level. They didn’t quite make it.

[In the email attached to the review, Chris added a comment, which I think is worthy of inclusion here: “Naturally there are tons of over-developed nubile (seriously siliconed) girls doing all kinds of bad things with the boys and will definitely keep most of the male viewers happy. Not you of course, I know you’re well above that sort of exploitative marketing.” Who, me?]