Wrath of Silence

Dir: Frankie Chan
Star: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Anita Yuen, Maggie Siu, Frankie Chan

Making too many mis-steps to be truly effective, this movie contains quite a few scenes which seem to have wandered in from other movies entirely - mostly dumb comedies, though one such does prove to be crucial later on. Still, when it works, it's by no means bad, aided by an effective performance from Yuen as a mortician whose retarded sister - a Dragonball Z fan, which some might say goes with the territory - is murdered; she blames her psychiatrist (Kaneshiro). You gotta sympathise, since the real killer is also after him, as the only witness. The characters all work nicely with each other, even the psychopath, who can switch from mania into a nice, bunny-stroking sort of chap with a flick of his eyes. But the plot doesn't bear too much close scrutiny (only two cops are apparently interested in hunting the serial killer), and it's probably fair to say that Chan's forte isn't really the horror genre.


Silence is not-so golden
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