Dir: Philip Chan
Star: Simon Yam, Tan, Anthony Gioia, Stephen Leung

This interesting hybrid, which combines American locations with Hong Kong film-makers, stars a very young-looking Yam, as one of two brothers who arrive in New York with dreams of wealth, though unlike his relative, Yam wants to avoid the criminal route. Ah, if it were only that easy... It would have been better if they had made Yam struggle a bit more before going over to the forces of darkness. As it is, he hardly needs to be talked around to starting up his own gang, who rapidly turn into a threat to the existing order, before becoming absorbed by it - it doesn't even take a family tragedy, though we get our fair share of them in due course.

Director Chan brings a fresh eye to New York, lending it an exotic, if slightly grubby, air which present a nice counterpoint to things like the Young and Dangerous series. The odd thing is, though I watched this yesterday morning, I had great difficulty remembering how it finished, which is probably a criticism in itself. But Yam lends this weight, and if the film is simple in its storyline, this naivety gives it a straightforward honesty which lends credibility to the end product.


Is this the Ying Tong?
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