Royal Warriors

[a.k.a. In the Line of Duty - UK title Police Assassins]
Dir: David Chung
Star: Yeung Chi King, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Wong

The Vietnam war: A group of men pledge eternal loyalty to each other. The present day: one of them is being extradited from Tokyo to Hong Kong, and a hijack attempt, planned by his blood brothers to rescue him, is foiled by Yeung, Sanada and Wong, who thus find themselves the target for vengeance by the remaining fanatics. They blow up Sanada's wife and child, kidnap Wong and use him as a lure for Yeung. Though this fails for surprising reasons I won't give away, they eventually get her to a final show-down.

Despite an opening sequence which, like Sanada, seems to have been included to appeal to a Japanese audience, this is a more even and satisfying film than it's predecessor. The hijack is well-staged and writer-director Chung is willing to kill off characters, leaving the viewer wondering if this will be a "heroic bloodshed", everyone dies, film. Especially towards the end, the plot twists and turns, although the final battle doesn't contain much in the way of martial arts, becoming almost an exercise in the imaginative use of pyrotechnics. This is something of a disappointment after the delights of Yes, Madam! Still, the same grade again, though in a very different manner!


Yeoh mama
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