Stone-Age Warriors

Dir: Stanley Tong + Kwai Jai
Star: Elaine Lui, Nina Li, Fan Siu-Wang, Chang Kuo-Chu

After a dismal first half, which seems to rely largely on jokes about natives' codpieces, this springs into life with a flurry of action. In one 15-minute spell, insurance investigaor Li and actress Lui, in the jungle to look for the latter's father, are attacked by coke-crazed natives, covered in scorpions, flushed down a canyon, then must fend off komodo dragons -- and not a stunt double in sight. Oh, and there are the bad guys to contend with too, drug-smuggling Westerners. When in motion, this is excellent entertainment, but Tong exhibits the same leaden feel for comedy he'd bring to Hollywood for Mr. Magoo. Guaranteed to put anyone off being a Hong Kong actress though.


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