The Whole Nine Yards

Dir: Jonathan Lynn
Starring: Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, Rosanna Arquette, Natasha Henstridge

There's a nicely dry sense of humour on view here, as dentist Perry discovers his next-door neighbour Willis, is a Mob hitman whose former employers are very keen to find him. There's $10m at stake; add in two wives (Arquette and Henstridge) with murderous intentions of various flavours and the scope for double-crosses is obvious. It has to be admitted that no-one is particularly stretched by the material on view; however, tight scripting means that it's never less than a pleasant experience, cramming in enough twists and turns for several films into a relatively brief running-time of 99 mins. Perry is a sympathetic hero, forced into behaviour incompatible with his character by Arquette's appallingly shrewish wife, and soon out of his depth. Willis gets to do what he does best - waving a gun, smirking, and wearing a vest - while Kevin Pollak relishes his role as a Keyser Soze-like Hungarian gangster. You probably won't remember all that much about it after it's finished, so it's an appropriate accompaniment to popcorn and nachos.


Arquette brushes up 
her French accent
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