The Void

Dir: Gilbert Shilton
Starring: Amanda Tapping, Adrian Paul, Malcolm McDowell, Andrew McIlroy

This movie sucks.

I'm tempted to move on without expounding further, relying on the sheer witticism of the above (The - geddit?), but feel some justification may be required, to save me from being lynched by hordes of angry Stargate SG-5 or Highlander fans - lynching by McDowell fans is less likely, because given the volume of straight-to-video hackwork he's been in recently, they'll likely be busy elsewhere.

So, let's see: two lead characters with no magnetism, a plot which looks like a bad TV movie, really naff science (the heroine copies all a corporation's secret data onto one floppy!) and a climax that has our hero/heroine in mortal peril - then they're not, with no explanation given. Tapping plays Eva Soderstom, whose father was killed by the same Mad Scientist (Adrian, who am I trying to kid, it's McDowell) who is now interfering in more things with which mankind was not meant to meddle. Paul is a structural engineer - yes, I sniggered too - who becomes involved with Eva and her conspiracy theories.

Of course, no-one believes them and it's up to the deadly (dull) duo to save the world before it gurgles down the drain of an artificial black hole. Various minor characters bite the dust, to no emotional impact, and much techno-jargon is hurled around - Tapping handles it better than Paul, who is hugely unconvincing, and seems to be doing a really bad job of suppressing his British accent. There's no drama, precious little tension, and the effects are largely mediocre.

Must dash now - that looks awfully like a rampaging mob of Duncan McLeod fanatics approaching, waving torches...


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