The Vineyard

Dir: James Hong and Bill Rice
Star: James Hong, Karen Witter, Michael Wong, Lars Wangberg


  • 1 mysteriously youthful wine-grower.
  • One handful bimbos with names like Celeste and Jezebel.
  • One handful bozos with equally stupid names.
  • Plenty of cheesy dialogue ("Mysterious on-goings"???).
  • Plot (optional).
  • A light sprinkling of nudity.
  • Some mild violence, including a decapitation (bloodless).

METHOD: Mix together well and flush down toilet. A bad film. Not trashy, just bad. Something to do with an elixir of youth, that the bimbos are part of the ingredients for, Rent at your own risk, I can't see THIS one ever getting a a cinema release!

Days of vine and roses
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