Sea Wolves (1991)

Rating: C

Dir: Cheng Siu Keung
Star: Simon Yam, Chow Ging Yeung, Cynthia Khan, Norman Chu

[14] – Allegedly also In the Line of Duty 7, this is a nicely worked-out, if slightly subdued, entry in the series, starring Yam and the beloved Khan. A gang of pirates preying on boat people hit trouble when their “catch” includes the brother of a crew member. The pair jump ship, and find the police after them for murder, and the rest of the crew out to ensure the police don’t get them. Add in that the brother has lost his memory, and it’s all a notch more complex than the usual. It’s a decent time passer without ever hitting the heights, until the last 15 minutes. Then it goes into industrial-fu as Khan and Yam attack the pirate ship, with the sound of metal on bone. Solid stuff.