The Most Dangerous Woman Alive (1988)

Rating: 7/10

Dir: Christian Marnham
Star: Marete van Kamp, Robert Lipton, Shannon Tweed, James Luisi
a.k.a. Lethal Woman

[10] Such a title promises a fair amount of sleaze, and certainly this isn’t short on female flesh. It’s also more subversive than you might expect: a female Army cadet is raped by her C.O. and, after he’s acquitted by a court-martial, she recruits other women-with-grudges, and starts extracting her revenge on those she regards as responsible. van Kamp plays her with the right degree of insanity, and Lipton gets bonus points for cool as the covert operations man sent to investigate the disappearances. While there’s the usual cliches such as the bad girl who isn’t really, and the last half an hour is totally predictable, overall, it’s a pleasant surprise.