Magnificent Warriors (1987)

Rating: 7/10

Dir: David Chung
Star: Michelle Yeoh, Derek Yee, Richard Ng, Hwang Jang-lee

[10] The problem with watching films after coming back from the pub is that specific thoughts are lost, in favour of an alcohol-induced ambience. Preceded, oddly, by a trailer for itself, this one came across as being almost non-stop action, set in China between the wars, with Yeoh (then in her earlier incarnation of Khan) as an Indiana Jones figure, right down to the whip. The plot was something about the Japanese who were occupying China at the time. I remember enjoying it a lot but would have to watch it again to be sure of precisely why. This must be the cinematic equivalent of pop music; great fun while it lasts and evaporating as soon as it’s finished. I make no claims for it’s entertainment value if sober!