In the Lap of God (1991)

Rating: C

Dir: Kin Lo
Star: Roy Cheung, Irene Wan, Francis Ng

[22] Almost an HK version of The Jewel of the Nile, with Roy Cheung and Irene Wan as Douglas + Turner, travelling through Burma – the former to reclaim diamonds, which the latter hopes to exchange for her kidnapped fiance. The sparky fencing between these two keeps the first half alive, with Cheung particularly personable as they try to outwit each other en route from Hong Kong. Probably inevitably, they then have to team up in the face of corrupt soldiers, guerillas, crocodiles, etc – the usual stuff. It does become a little ho-hum and predictable eventually, while the ending is blatantly visible from a long way off. Still, an amiable time-passer.