High Voltage (1994)

Rating: D

Dir: Andrew Kam
Star: Donnie Yen, Roy Cheung, Lily Lee, Edu Manzano

This dates back to the mid-nineties, and Donnie’s role as a loose-cannon policeman is the sort of thing he could do in his sleep. Indeed, there’s precious little challenging about the script either: you wonder what they did with the rest of the fag-packet. Yen plays Chiang, a policeman sent to the Philippines to retrieve a key witness, and sticks around after the witness is killed as the villain responsible (Cheung) had also murdered Chiang’s wife. You can fill in the rest yourself, I’m sure.

There’s a sword fight borrowed from Donnie’s earlier Tiger Cage 2 and a lengthy, water-drenched punch-up between Yen and Cheung which may remind you of another loose-cannon policeman movie. These fights are annoyingly edited, giving the impression of one punch being thrown, then everyone stopping while the camera changes angles. Indeed, the same’s true for the movie: it feels like a mini-series edited down to feature length, since so much seems to go unexplained and there’s no sense of connection between the different scenes.