The Black Sheep Affair (1998)

Rating: C+

Dir: Allen Lam
Star: Chiu Man Chuk, Shu Qi, Hoi Lin, Ken Wong
a.k.a. Another Meltdown

Chiu is being touted as the next Jet Li, and on the evidence of this, it’s plausible i.e. excellent martial arts skills, but questionable acting ability. This is a straightforward catch-the-terrorist film, enlivened by a nifty villain and some of the most spectacularly unsubtle agitprop I’ve ever seen. It takes place in the former Soviet republic of ‘Lavernia’ – actually Hungary, even if everyone has an American accent – and Italians, Japanese and just about everyone else bar the Chinese come in for serious stick. This facet provides plenty of unintentional laughs – otherwise, good use is made of the location, and there’s plenty of well-crafted action. Naively innocent racist fun.