Airbag (1997)

Rating: C-

Dir: Juanma Bajo Ulloa
Star: Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Alberto San Juan, Manuel Manquiña, Karra Elejalde

One of those “Oh God, where to start?” films. How about this: a guy loses his wedding ring up the ass of a hooker. In the process of trying to get it back, he accidentally acquires 30 million pesetas worth of drugs and, understandably, also a lot of enemies. But such a description only scratches the surface of this romp across Hispanic pop culture, and familiarity with this would help immeasurably, or else, like me, you will probably find the ‘Eh?’ factor disturbingly high. The most fun is to be had watching the hero ascend from clean-cut lawyer to a coke-head with a penchant for Russian roulette; there is some good trashy fun here, but without the background, it is probably diluted too much for the general audience.