Emergency: Living Dead in Tokyo Bay

[a.k.a. Battle Girl]
Dir: Kazuo Komizu
Star: Cuty Suzuki, Kenzi Ohtsuki, Itou Binpachi, Shimomoto Shirou

A Japanese take on the zombie pantheon, specifically Day of the Dead, with the military trying to turn reanimated corpses to their own nefarious aims. Of course, this being Japan, there's a girl in a cool armoured suit standing between them and success - in this case, the girl is played by pro wrestler Suzuki [other monsters are also played by wrestlers Devil Masami, Kandori Shinobu and Eagle Sawai]. It's clearly a low budget production, yet the director clearly has some talent, and the joins aren't too visible. Nothing special or really excessive, but an interesting angle on an old idea.


Suplex those zombies!
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