Turkish Delight

Dir: Paul Verhoeven
Star: Rutger Hauer, Monique Van De Ven, Tonny Huurdeman, Wim van den Brink

Deja vu. Going by the cast and crew list on this one, you could be forgiven for thinking you've seen - or at least read about - this before. Hauer, Van De Ven, Verhoeven and De Bont all make a re-appearance, together with frequent Verhoeven scriptwriter, Gerard Soeteman. Hauer's character, the appropriately named Eric Bonk, also seems straight out of Dandelions, a serial woman-hater for whom a one-night stand is a long-term relationship. In this case, however, rather than a quest for perfection, it's down to events in his past, flashbacks to which occupy the majority of the movie.

As previously mentioned, this kind of role suits Hauer down to the ground, and Verhoeven seems better able to handle the ensuing emotional intensity than Adrian Hoven manages. It's irregularly amusing, with Hauer's wild character causing chaos in a variety of forms (for example, one of which involves a statue, a dress that won't stay up, and the queen of the Netherlands!), and all supporting roles are solidly presented. At first, the new love he's found seems ideal for him, but the flashback structure means we know it's doomed to failure - the only questions are how and when. It manages to avoid too much of the classic 70's style, so unerringly hit by 'Dandelions', and is worth a look; it's now out on sell through, unashamedly trading on both star and director's subsequent careers!


Rude-ger Hauer
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