Sexandroide (1991)

Rating: 2-10/10

Dir: Michel Ricaud
Star: Samy Kennat, Stéphany Teglia, Anne Vidal, Daniel Dubois

[8] French, low-budget, sex ‘n’ death film in several segments, of greatly varying quality. The first takes voodoo as it’s theme, with a man stripping and abusing a Barbie doll, while a woman in a bar suffers the effects – it’s neatly handled, with nice camerawork. In the most effective one, which after a slow start is the best bit of low-budget nastiness I’ve seen, a zombie mutilates, bends, folds and tears a victim (female and without much clothing, naturally!). Eye gouging, breast slicing and tongue piercing are among the delights on offer, and provide a highly dubious 20 minutes with the unsynched sound and cheap video working to provide a grimly realistic feel.

The zombie make-up gradually started to look like an executioner’s mask: it was a great relief when the corpse of the victim sat up at the end, and the two zombies wandered off arm in arm. Unfortunately the following piece is just stupid – a grieving widow at her husband’s coffin is attacked by his vampiric corpse, has her clothes ripped off and is bitten in the neck. She then becomes a vampire (or at least, gets some white makeup on her face) and does a sexy dance to two Tina Turner songs. Absolutely pointless, though after the preceding segment anything would be an anti-climax.