Sex Madness (1934)

Rating: 5/10

Dir: Dwain Esper
Star: Vivian McGill, Rose Tapley, Al Rigeli, Stanley Barton

[9] – From the same people that brought you Reefer Madness, a solemn tale of what happens to those who dare to have sex outside the sanctity of marriage. They get syphilis, pass it onto their husbands and children, are forced to the edge of suicide and lose any acting ability they may have possessed. Or maybe it just seems that way, as whoever the director is, he was clearly a one-take man: a half-open window slams shut, making the actress talking at the time visibly jump, but the camera keeps right on rolling. These little technical quibbles aside, this is medical melodrama pushed to the limits – do I mark it as such or do I write it off for the dated exploitation it is? Both, and neither.