Sex and Zen II (1996)

Rating: D+

Dir: Man-Kei Chin
Star: Loletta Lee, Shu Qi, Elvis Tsui, Ben Ngai-Cheung Ng

[22] Only loosely connected to the original, this is not as sexy nor as, er, Zenny, preferring to head into supernatural territory. A female spirit roams the countryside, draining life energy from her victims (three guesses how) and with the ability to change sex thanks to a guidebook of advanced carnal knowledge. It’s closer to things like ‘Ghostly Vixen’, even if at the start it has some elements you’d expect – ­specifically, a penis transplant. In Part 1, it was from a horse, this time it’s a mechanical device with more functions than a Swiss Army knife, although this fine idea is sadly underused. The odd scene works well, yet it falls uncomfortably between sex and horror, and ultimately fails to satisfy as either. Best line: “I must make her come, to avenge my father”.