The Phantom Empire (1987)

Rating: 3/10

Dir: Fred Olen Ray
Star: Ross Hagen, Jeffrey Combs, Dawn Wildsmith, Sybil Danning

[4] Look at any article on Sybil Danning and there’s a good chance you’ll see a still from this movie [not dissimilar to the one I found on the right!] with SD showing phenomenal amounts of cleavage. Don’t be conned. This is another Fred Olen exploito-pic, with SD not appearing at all in the first half of the film and even she is hard pressed to resuscitate this movie. An expedition into some caves meet monsters in cheap costumes, scream and run away into a land at the centre of the earth, ruled by Sybil. They scream & run away from HER, she stalks them, they get back to the surface. The usual cast and budget of Ray’s plus a less than average plot, even by his standards, leave this one looking like a bad Dr Who episode.