Mr. Frost (1990)

Rating: C

Dir: Philip Setbon
Star: Jeff Goldblum, Alan Bates, Kathy Baker, Jean-Pierre Cassel

Despite being no fan of Goldblum, even I have to admit that he is highly suited for the title role here, as a serial killer who might be Satan: he has the right distracted and casual approach, and the his first encounter with policeman Alan Bates left me gasping at the audacity of it all. Unfortunately, after he lets himself get captured, the pace slows to a crawl and it switches to concentrate on his psychiatrist, a Helen Mirren look-alike whose faith in modern science is sadly misfounded. It has the feel of a Euro-pudding, with some of the characters looking suspiciously dubbed, yet has some effectively creepy moments, mostly when Goldblum is on-screen. His forceful presence in the end is wasted on a climax without a climax, leaving this somewhat forgotten 1990 film not much more than an interesting failure.