Magnificent Scoundrels (1991)

Rating: N/A

Dir: Lik-Chi Lee
Star: Stephen Chow, Wu Ma, Niu Tien, Amy Yip

[22] One of those, “Oh God, where to start?” films, largely thanks to an amazingly constructed plot,  virtually made up on the fly. The basic thread concerns two teams of swindlers, respectively  impersonating the owners of a vacant house, and pretending to be rich visitors. Each thinks the other is legit, and is trying to rook them out of as much as possible. The mental duelling between these opposing charlatans is the heart of the film, and is a delight to watch. In comparison, the opening and climax are somewhat lack-lustre; though the former can perhaps be excused as necessary scene-setting, the latter is a disappointment. But it’s hard to complain given the enormous amount of invention on view in the rest. Supreme moment: Amy Yip vomiting down a guy’s throat.