Love on Delivery (1994)

Rating: N/A

Dir: Lik-Chi Lee
Star: Stephen Chow Sing-Chi, Christy Chung, Man-Tat Ng, Ben Lam

[22] This showcases Chow’s talent for the character-driven; nobody plays the luckless underdog like him. Here, he’s a fast-food delivery boy, who has the misfortune to fall in love with a girl who is also being pursued by a martial-arts master. So Chow tries to learn to fight, only to fall in with a con-man; typically, he ends up learning anyway. Oh, and he can only use his skill when wearing a Garfield mask, so it’s not much use for impressing his lady, especially given all the copycats (hohoho) who follow in his wake… The film is crammed full of glorious stupidity, great characters and ends with a brilliant display where Chow tries to survive a three-round deathmatch, by not fighting his opponent. A super piss-take of the usual macho heroics, this is Very Zen, yet also Very Stephen Chow. Supreme moment: Chow and his pacifist-fu.