Legend of the Dragon (1991)

Rating: C+

Dir: Danny Lee
Star: Stephen Chow Sing-Chi, Leung Kar Yan, Teresa Mo, Yuen Wah

[11] I’m not sure whether this is a pisstake of heroic bloodshed movies or not; it’s got all the dark glasses, slow-mo action and meaningful posing of things like A Better Tomorrow, but it’s all about… snooker???? Our hero (Chow), an accomplished player and not-so-accomplished martial artist, is lured to town by his uncle (Leung) who sees a chance to make a betting fortune. Through the kind of events that only happen in this kind of movie, they end up losing the family land and our hero has to beat Jimmy White – yep, the Jimmy White – to regain it. Let’s give the director the benefit of the doubt, since he throws in things (the hero falls asleep at midnight no matter where he is, and a very clever bit where you’ll think you too dozed off and missed 20 minutes!) to suggest tongue is not far from cheek.