The Iceman Cometh (1989)

Rating: B+

Dir: Clarence Fok
Star: Yuen Biao, Maggie Cheung, Yuen Wah, Tsui Kam-Kong

This quirky little gem sees Yuen Biao as a Ming dynasty palace guard who ends up in the 20th century, when he and the villain he’s chasing fall into a glacier and get quick-frozen. He has the luck to meet tart-with-a-heart Cheung, who helps him adapt to modern life so he can continue his centuries-old battle. After some early mis-steps by Fok, when the film thrashes wildly around in search of an approach, this settles down and develops very nicely, thank you. He has an excellent eye for action, and Cheung fills the gaps between battles with grace and charm, while Biao is by no means out-classed in the acting stakes. There are a lot of deft little touches in this, making it much more than Terminator vs Highlander, which it may seem like at first. It’s imaginative and effective stuff.