Grim Prairie Tales (1990)

Rating: 4/10

Dir: Wayne Coe
Star: Brad Dourif, James Earl Jones, William Atherton, Lisa Eichhorn

[9] The problem with anthology movies is that they tend to mediocrity: I’ve yet to see one with four really good stories and Grim certainly doesn’t qualify. The linking sections are better than the tales themselves, Dourif and Jones providing an otherwise too often lacking frisson. For the record, No. 1 has an Indian burial ground being disturbed – I fell asleep during it, so missed the end and the start of No. 2, though I did get to see its spectacular climax (and ‘climax’ is the word). I was kept awake for No.3 by the guy in the next seat writhing every time the 14-year old daughter appeared (Hi, Jason, isn’t libel fun?); it was otherwise pointless, and No.4, about a gunfighter scared of blood, wasn’t much better.