Ghostly Vixen (1990)

Rating: C+

Dir: Wellson Chin
Star: Nat Chan Pak, Amy Yip, Sandra Ng, Wu Fung

[11] Wildly deviant film about a female ghost (Yip) that needs the sperm from 100 virgins born at 10 o’clock to attain eternal life. Her score ticks up to 99 and most of the film is about her prospective 100th victim (Chan), who’s trying really hard to lose his virginity. The problem is, he’s betrothed to an ‘ugly’ girl (Ng, though she didn’t look too bad to me!) whom he can’t bring himself to make love to. For example, when he attempts to rent a hooker, she punishes him with a four foot long dick. He straps this to his leg, only to find all the girls in his office wearing short skirts. You don’t want to know any more, believe me.