Fair Game (1995)

Rating: B-

Dir: Andrew Sipes
Star: William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Steven Berkoff, Jenette Goldstein

The deliciously-dumb thriller sees superlawyer Crawford team up with supercop Baldwin to foil an evil ex-KGB plan to…oh, something involving large sums of money. It’s clearly irrelevant to the film-makers, who prefer to concentrate on shots of Cindy running braless. Technology is just as big a monster as the bad guys, who can do anything with it, in order to keep the plot running. This leads to idiotic convolutions: even after our heroic pair know they’re being tailed by superspies, they still pull off the road to dial into her office computers, send a fax, etc. Hard to credit such techno-naivety in the third millennium.

While neither Baldwin nor Crawford are overly taxed – perhaps no bad thing – a good supporting cast (also including Salma Hayek) help things run along nicely, even if the first two recycle their characters from Octopussy and Aliens. Certainly never dull, with a fine freeway chase perhaps the highlight: you know exactly where it’s all going (the only surprise is that it takes Baldwin so long to pounce on Crawford), yet the trip is pleasant and the travelling companions amiable.