Expect the Unexpected (1998)

Rating: B-

Dir: Patrick Yau
Star: Simon Yam, Lau Ching-Wan, YoYo Mung, Ruby Wong

…but if you’re expecting it, how can it be…oh, never mind. The storyline here starts fairly broad, you’re unsure who’s going to be the focus as it drifts aimiably from a restaurant to some bungling jewel thieves through to a particularly sadistic gang of criminals. Eventually, it settles down to concentrate on Yam and Lau, members of a police squad who find it hard to keep up with the villains, especially given their mutual attachment to a witness. She’s a waitress in the restaurant, and one of the few people to survive seeing the fugitives, who have a nasty line in rape and murder. However, in the end, perhaps they might not be the biggest threat… The street gunbattles reminded me of Heat, although the emphasis is very much on the police, with the bad guys given little or no character. The ending is certainly memorable, even if it’s perhaps so unexpected as to be a bit unsatisfying. Still, solidly acted and well put-together.