Breeders (1997)

Rating: D-

Dir: Paul Matthews
Star: Samantha Janus, Kadamba Simmons, Oliver Tobias, Clifton Lloyd-Bryan

The basic premise here shows definite potential. After all, how far can you go wrong with a story about an icky alien who lands outside a girls’ school with a mission to impregnate? Sadly, though the monster in question is nicely realised, it seems that the last 75 minutes of this film are spent creeping around in tunnels beneath the school. This can only be described as “of limited appeal”. The Isle of Man provides a not-very convincing stand-in for Boston, and the supposed heroes are blander than rice pudding. Not even Samantha Janus could keep my interest – she could do with lessons from Natasha Henstridge in sex/SF acting – and I found myself instead trying to come up with ways to incorporate surreptitious mention of her brother Hugh…