Ballistic (1995)

Rating: D+

Dir: Kim Bass
Star: Marjean Holden, Cory Everson, Richard Roundtree, Charles Napier

There’s the potential for a decent film in here, struggling to get out. Although the plot (cop has 48 hours to prove her innocence of a frame-up) is nothing new, the presence of veteran actors Roundtree and Napier add impetus, while heroine Holden looks convincingly Amazonian. Alas, any promise is buried under startlingly lacklustre camerawork, most apparent in relentless over-the-shoulder conversations, and Holden’s obvious inability to fight: villainous henchwoman Claudia (Everson) comes over significantly better in this regard.

It’d help if the choreography was any good; it isn’t, being poorly paced and badly staged. The film doesn’t so much hurtle towards a thrilling climax, as limp towards a barely-tolerable ending, with only Roundtree’s strong second-half keeping my finger off the fast-forward button. Director Bass must shoulder much of the blame for frittering away the talents of a decent enough cast and churning out this sub-par offering.