Blade: Trinity

Dir: David S. Goyer
Star: Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Parker Posey

Evidence that in cinema, execution is almost as important as inspiration, the final (for now - box-office pending, no doubt) installment of the trilogy does the lamest thing possible in a vampire film. It resurrects Dracula (Dominic Purcell). Oh, please...even Buffy didn't succumb to that cliche until season five, and did it with appropriate tongue-in-cheek. Here, it's played totally straight, which signifies a lack of imagination that's unfortunate, especially compared to its immediate predecessor, and the only scene with any invention is the "blood farm", an angle that is almost immediately discarded. This is a nasty surprise, given that Goyer worked on the script for the first two films; you'd think he'd have come up with something equally imaginative for his debut as a director. One sequence, involving a pomeranian dog, shows the direction they perhaps could have taken.

Fortunately, the execution is rousing enough to prevent this ending up like Van Helsing, mostly thanks to the addition of the quirky Reynolds as an endearingly irritating sidekick. I think I was finally won over, when he called Parker Posey's vampire queen a "cock-juggling thundercunt". Or maybe I misheard. ;-) Purcell, as Dracula, is an utter non-entity, and you wonder why they bothered casting him at all, as he brings nothing to the party. Snipes, of course, is Blade, and his portrayal remains among the coolest comic-book characters ever brought to the screen, while Biel and Posey add appropriate sneer (though the former's iPod use is among the most painfully obvious product-placement of the year). The action, while lacking the flair Donnie Yen helped bring to part 2, is competently-handled and frequent enough you should never be bored. Given its origins in the pulpiest of pulp fictions, this isn't so terrible - just something of a disappointment.

December 2004

UnHoly Trinity
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