Final Destination

Dir: James Wong
Star: Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Chad Donella

Trash City
Top 10:2000
The best character in this film has no lines and is never seen - at least directly, for I mean G. Reaper, Esq. A bit miffed when six kids and one teacher manage to avoid a plane crash, GR decides to off them anyway, using a variety of imaginative methods. Although this suggests Death has nothing better to do than chase dumb teens around, you can't help but warm to such grimly fiendish stubborness. And certainly, this shows more character than the humans: your first guess as to who's going to survive will almost certainly be correct.

Still, the fatalities are spectacular, especially one contender for FMRT! moment of the year [as a clue, the last three letters stand for ", rewind that!"], though obviously you won't get to do that in the cinema. While far stupider than you'd expect from X-Files alumni Wong and Glen Morgan, this is refreshingly free of Scream-style "irony", with the daft premise played dead straight. The result is a well-handled vehicle for the consumption of popcorn, as well as providing valuable lessons in road and kitchen safety.


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