Pantyhose Hero

Dir: Samo Hung
Star: Samo Hung, Alan Tam, Joan Tong, Jaclyn Chu

[10] After two homosexual men are murdered, Samo Hung and Alan Tam assume the identities of gay lovers to try and track down what happened. With dialogue like "Oh no, now my bottom's really for it", this is not a subtle or sympathetic portrayal of alternative sexuality. However politically incorrect it may be to say so, it's still (mostly) funny with both actors struggling to retain their decency and anal virginity. There are a few wasted opportunities, for example, an aphrodisiac spiked bottle of champagne isn't as well used as it might be (???) and it also tries too hard to be too many things - comedy, romance, thriller, kung fu. What the hell, it succeeds on most levels, just don't take your local bleeding- heart liberal to it.


Gay for pay
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