Die Hard 2

Dir: Renny Harlin
Star: Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Atherton, William Sadler

[7] If ever a film was damned by it's budget, this is it - every second you see on the screen cost over $10,000 and there is no way any film can live up to that. It's a gallant attempt though. "Ten men went to blow, went to blow some airplanes" and only good ol' Brooce can stop them, armed with stealth, cunning and enough weaponry to take on Iraq. Definitely the highest death toll of any movie this year, thanks to 200+ people in a crashed jet, not to mention the first recorded case of icicle violence (reduced to get the '15' rating, I think!). Mindless, totally implausible and no attempt at any characterisation whatsoever, but suddenly, half way through, I realised I was enjoying it. From then on, I was happy - still, not a patch on the first one.


(not counting the next sequel)
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