A Clockwork Orange

Dir: Stanley Kubrick
Star: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates, Warren Clarke

[4] One story goes this was pulled from circulation by it's director when the BBFC wanted it cut for a re-release, after passing it first time round. Another says the death threats he received didn't help things. Whatever. In the 18-odd years while it was 'unobtainable' in Britain, it still acquired a huge cult status - witness its high position in the Time Out poll. I'm no great Kubrick fan, but this oozes style and unsettling imagery, especially the opening, which is a nightmare plunge into the 'hero' Alex's ultra-violent world.

Things calm down after he is betrayed by his gang and sent for rehabilitation, with the prison scenes adding little to the film. Kubrick has remained faithful to the novel's spirit, except at the end where he dropped Burgess's ending (annoying the author) and there are flashes of genius such as dropping the camera off a roof to capture Alex's suicide attempt. McDowell captures the character of Alex perfectly - Singing in the Rain will never seem the same again. Real horror-show, in chunks.


A bit of the old ultra-violence
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