Cat Chaser

Dir: Abel Ferrara
Star: Kelly McGillis, Peter Weller, Frederic Forrest, Charles Durning

[5] Ferrara's career drifts steadily towards the main-stream; for all its many faults, Driller Killer was at least original. This is a standard thriller about a millionaire, his bimbo (McGillis in a variety of skimpy costumes) and her lover (Weller); the last two plot to relieve the former of his money - an irrelevant sub-plot about Central America can be ignored. Takes a long while to get going; when it does, Ferrara's eye for impressive violence just about salvages it.


"The review was incorrect. The 'sub-plot' did not take place in Central America, rather Republica Dominicana. I was there. It was the first time I was issued live ammo, and flown somewhere not knowing where until we hit the ground. The three man team was commanded by an officer who had been in the Congo the year previous. RD was the first place I saw a paratrooper blown apart by a 'nade: the image is still vivid. It was at a family reunion. Other Special Operations Forces I had trained with from the different military branches were there. In the slums by the river in Santo Domingo I was fucked for $3 by a woman in a shack with a dirt floor and a baby crying in the next room.

The movie makes the 'rebels' appear polite and clean; they were neither. Their cause, however, was probably worth dying for. At that time the US was supporting quasi-fascists to prevent another Castro. After thirty days I left for two years in RVN. I watch Cat Chaser only for the RD segment. Please give some credit to the 82nd Airborne Division. The USMC Recon were my friends, but the 82nd died there also." - Jim H.


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