Wasteland (2013)

Rating: D

Dir: Tom Wadlow
Star: Shameer Seepersand, Jessica Messenger, Mark Drake, Rachel Benson

Most used word in my notes: boring.

Meet Scott (Seepersand), seemingly the least well prepared survivor of yet another zombie apocalypse.  Seriously, have these people not watched the many and varied ‘public information films’ about what to do and what not to do!?  Anyway, Scott is hiding in some remote barn-come-shed, set somewhere in a barren nowhere in the midlands, with a ‘CB’ radio to reach out and contact the (very few) others.

Overall it looks quite nice, but it’s flat and hampered by the performances, where the words are read out loud, seemingly without emotion or elan.  A decent text-to-speech might have done better.

This is obviously low budget and it has some of the worst sound that I’ve not heard for, well, a long time.  Far too often the dialogue is hard to hear or distinguish, or buried beneath the continually intrusive music.  Not since Bame in Chris Nolan’s Batman have I mugfnn gddg smmty mnmnae so much… or is it so little…?

The highlight for me was the use of the word ‘flesh-atarian’ to describe the zeds.  10/10 for that!

The film ends on a note of optimism, with Scott having at last found a purpose along with possible redemption.  But.  God it was a boring, flat, dull, slow, and utterly uninvolving journey to get there.