Santo y Blue Demon Contra Dracula y el Hombre Lobo (1973)

Rating: D

Dir: Miguel M. Delgado
Star: Santo, Blue Demon, Aldo Monti, Wally Baron
a.k.a. Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dracula and the Wolf Man

Preceding their encounter with Dr. Frankenstein, the team tagged up to face two other horror icons, though with notably less entertaining results. Blue Demon in particular doesn’t appear for 30 minutes, and has hardly anything to do, save the obligatory wrestling bouts. It’s mostly Santo that has to face the resurrected vampire and lycanthrope; they are out for revenge on the descendants of the guy who killed them, centuries ago. The police refuse to get involved, so our heroes must defend the women from the monstrous adversaries, who are also generating a small army of furry/toothsome underlings.

Despite the potential, and some very cool flame-spouting bat gargoyles (we want those for Halloween), this is mostly incredibly dull. There are endless sequences of people walking – through woods, warehouses or corridors – and neither Dracula nor the Wolfman have any charisma to speak of. As for the effects…let’s just say that I presume the Mexican audience was somewhat less sophisticated in those days. Put another way: Georges Méliès would not have been impressed. Things do perk up in the final third, and the brides of Dracula look very cool in their blood-red wedding dresses, but too many elements are likely to provoke sniggers rather than excitement or terror.