King of New York (1990)

Rating: B

Dir: Abel Ferrara
Star: Christopher Walken, David Caruso, Lawrence Fishburne, Victor Argo

[11] After his brief vacation for Cat Chaser, Ferrara returns home for a study in the psychosis of power, as displayed by Walken, a drug dealer just out of jail. His old gang rapidly drag him back up the ladder, painting rooms Drug-Dealer Red on the way (if you get my drift), and making no friends on either side of the law. Vicious as ever, Ferrara remains morally neutral – Walken perceives himself as a man of honour, concerned for his city. The film doesn’t tell us anything new, but it’s great to see Walken back on top form after the depths of Communion. It’s not often the guy on the popcorn stand suggests you’ve wasted your money on a movie – fortunately, he was well wide of the mark.